Personal Information:

My name is Ms. Jaylynn Ravenscroft. I come from a family ranch 35 miles South of Nenzel. I have always been very involved on the ranch and in the cattle industry. My free time is usually spent on the ranch or at a roping.

Educational Information:

I graduated from Cody-Kilgore Unified Schools and then attend Fort Hays State University for college. During my time in college, I was very active on a couple of agriculture research teams. Both research topics were specialized to the cattle industry. I completed my education with a degree in Agriculture Education and graduated in December, 2020.

Educational Philosophy:

I aim to bring a positive attitude and high expectation to the classroom each day. My classroom will be an environment that is welcoming to students and has the culture of a good work ethic. Students will have the access to hands-on learning with the opportunity to apply their knowledge. I believe that all students have something special that they can bring to their education.