Mullen One Act 2019


Saturday, October 26


8:00am – 12:00pm


@ Mullen

Comedy and Tragedy face masks

Mullen Public Schools

One Act  2018

Contact Information:


Students must meet NSAA eligibility requirements and those set out in the Mullen Public Schools Activity Handbook.


Cast and Crew are expected to attend assigned practices. If a participant cannot attend a practice, they must let Miss Hendricks know prior to that practice. Any participant that misses several practices may be assigned to a different role, or will not be able to attend competitions.


Students attending competitions are expected to be respectful individuals. Any behavior issues will be dealt with immediately. Students are expected to abide by the Mullen Public Schools Handbook at all times.

One Act Tentative Practice/Performance Schedule


  • 18th @ 7:15am -Cast

  • 19th @ After Sports 4:30- All

  • 22nd @ 6:30pm -All cast and crew

  • 23rd @ 7:15am-Addie, Ruth, May

  • 24th @ 7:15-Jack, Paul, Floyd

  • 29th-@ 6:30pm/7:15-Cast (VB Subs)

  • 30th @ 6:30pm/7:15-All/Addie and Foreman (VB Subs)

  • 31st @ 7:15 Addie and Foreman


  • 1st @ 7:15am-Cast

  • 2nd @ 7:15am-Cast

  • 5th @ 6:30pm-All

  • 6th @ 6:30pm/7:15-All (FB Playoff)

  • 8th @ after school/sports-All or 7:15 Jack, Paul, Floyd (State VB)

  • 9th @ after school/sports-All or 7:15 Addie, Ruth, May (State VB)

  • 12th @ after school/sports-All or 7:15 Addie and Foreman (FB Playoff)

  • 13th After school/sports-All

  • 15th After school/sports-All

  • New list 16th After school/sports-All (Full dress rehearsal)

  • 18th-5:00 pm (Sunday, FB State)

  • 25th-5:00pm (Sunday, before Public Performance)

  • 27th-6:30pm-All

Performance Dates:

  • November 20th MNAC @ Cody

  • November 26th Public Performance @ 7:00

  • November 28th Districts @ Creek Valley