Human graphing on the ball field

Students working on their human graph in Pre-Algebra. We graphed several equations that day and everyone enjoys a class outside.

A team presenting their problem to the class

A team presents their findings on one of their problems.

Teams working together

Students moving around working with their teammates.


Greetings! I was born and raised in Minden, Ne. We lived in town but spent a lot of time at the farm 5 miles north of town. I graduated in 1982 and went to UNL for mechanical engineering, after 2 years transferred to Kearney State College(UNK) and received my Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Physics. Got married that summer after graduation and then we packed our bags and moved to Raleigh, North Carolina to attend North Carolina State University to study Nuclear Physics in the Doctorate program. At the end of the first year the University lost the Government grant for the project I was working on and thus was technically out of a job. We moved back home and I went into the new car automotive business. Fast forward a few decades and I decided one day to return to school and receive my teaching endorsement. I was hired on at Mullen Public Schools in 2018 and love the school, village and area!


B.S. Mathematical Physics

Transitional Teaching Degree

M.A. in Education

currently working for a advanced degree in Mathematics


Mullen Public Schools has just re-did the entire math curriculum from K-12 and the new curriculum is Problem Based Learning guided with an emphasis on team building skills. Teamwork is one of the leading skills that employers are searching for. I am really excited and impressed with the new curriculum and the possibilities that it opens up for our students! I have and will give all the time needed to help students understand what we are studying and like to make sure the student has a strong working knowledge of the current assignment. Once I receive at Masters in Mathematics we will be able to offer in person College credit classes in Math to our students at Mullen, this will be in addition to the other college classes offered.

Lesson Plans

Algebra I


Algebra II




Mr. Taylor' Class Syllabus

The syllabus I made covers all classes I teach, the only difference is the material being learnt.